Product Information Feather Pillow
– Product: Feather Pillow
– Pillow core: feather (White Microfiber), safe and environmentally friendly.
– Pillowcase: made of cool kate fabric and not ruffled.
– Dimensions: 47 x 67 cm or 57 x 77 cm.
– Seam: sure, meticulous to increase product durability.

Surely, you have also heard about the material “feather”, which is a material favored by many countries around the world, because the feather is not only beautiful, small, light and smooth, but also has the effect of keeping warm. , keep heat for the cold season very well.

Currently, feathers are newly improved with many featured product lines, in which the feather pillow product line. High-quality pillows are loved and used by many people around the world. Especially for countries that care about quality of life such as Japan, America, and Europe, this is the first choice.

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